ChE 312
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Winter 2017

Lecture: MWF 10-10:50  210 LINC
Studio: R Afternoon; BXL 102 or 103

NameemailOffice Hours
Lead InstructorsMilo Koretsky (MK)milo.koretsky@oregonstate.eduT: 1-1:50; W 2-2:50, 4-5:  Gleeson 201 or Gleeson 306
Teaching AssistantsPeter Ferreroferrerop@oregonstate.eduW 5-6: Gleeson Lobby
Han Meimeih@oregonstate.eduM 3-4: Gleeson Lobby
Sean Seekinsseekinss@oregonstate.eduW 3-3:50: Gleeson Lobby
Jad T 2-3: Gleeson Lobby
Learning AssistantsNasser Al Atiqi
Ellis Hammond-Pereira
Brandon Teed

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The general syllabus for course is available here.


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  12. Week 8 lecture slides posted
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  18. Exams 2 and 3 from 2016 are posted. ChE 312 had 3 exams  in 2016 - so the timing was different relative to content. 
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    • We will “collapse” the R 3 and R 4 sections (Both will meet in BXL 103)
    • Homework is due at the start of studio (please see syllabus for formatting guidelines
    • Form your own groups of 3 (will remain fixed first 5 weeks)
    • Graded on process (are you engaged, making meaningful progress, working well with teammates?)
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  55. Welcome to ChE 312 :)

Weekly Assignments

(Complete Quiz on Concept Warehouse)
(Due in Studio)
HW SolutionLecture SlidesTopics Covered
Week 1Review
Pure Species Equilibrium
Before W lecture: Textbook, pages 20-24
Before F lecture: Textbook, pages 315-321
HW#1HW#1SlnWeek 1

W:   intensive vs. extensive properties hv, vv. (CW prob)

         Vacuum video (what causes the ICE?)

F:     Tie HW 1 as conceptual model in thermo

         Gibbs energy as combined 1st and 2nd
Week 2Pure Species Equilibrium
M: MLK Holiday
W: Textbook, pages: 321-329
F:  Textbook, pages: 334-344
HW#2HW#2SlnWeek 2

W:  Gibbs for pure species; C and CC Eqns

F:    Looked at vacuum video Gs in terms of what                                    changes deltag  -> arguing sv. Muddiest points
Week 3MixturesM: Textbook, pages: 344-347, 355
W: Textbook, pages: 357-359, 367-369
F: No reading!
HW#3HW#3SlnWeek 3

M:  Nomenclature developed wrt Studio 2

W:  Hypothetical paths: CW hw problem discussed emphasis of identifying phenomena and available data

F:     Entropy of mixing from a hypothetical path – CW                           question with a reversible path
Week 4Chemiical Potential
M: Review Chapter 6
W: Exam 1
F: Textbook, pages: 391-402 
No HWWeek 4

M:   Partial molar Gibbs energy and chemical potential; criteria for chemical equilibrium;  volume properties of an ideal gas

F:     Partial molar properties vs. pure species properties (vis Exam         1 Q1; relate to membrane separation)
 Week 5Fugacity in the vaporM: Muddiest / Surprised reflection
W: Work through Examples 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
F:  Graphic text on fugacity p 1-4
Elby Paper
HW#4 SlnWeek 5

M:  Fugacity definition; emphasis on the reference state; criteria for chemical equilibrium

W:  Fugacity for a pure vapor; steam tables, vdW equation.

F:    Fugacity from EOS and gen corr.
Week 6Fugacity in  vapor mixtures
Fugacity in the liquid
M: Textbook, pages: 403-414, Example 7.4
W: Textbook, pages: 414-418
F:  Textbook, pages: 425-436
HW#5HW#5 SlnWeek 6

M: Fugacity of mixtures from EOS; Lewis fugacity rule.

W: Fugacity of mixtures from EOS

F:    Fugacity of liquids: Ideal solutions, Lewis Randall and                     Henry’s reference states; activity coeff.
Week 7Fugacity in the liquid, solidM: Textbook, pages: 419-420, 436-441, 449
W: Textbook pages 450-452; Graphic text on             fugacity p 5-8
F:  Textbook, pages: 467-483
Problems 1-3
HW#6 SlnWeek 7

M:   Models for gE. Two-suffix Margules equation.

W:   Assymetric models for gE. calculation of pure liquid fugacity

F:     Work with phase diagrams and three-suffix Margules                         building on Studio 7
Week 8Phase Equilibria: VLEM: Exam 2
W: Textbook pages 467-484
F:  Textbook pages 484-486, 495-500
Problem 4
HW#6 Sln
Problem 4
Week 8

W: Phase diagrams, Raoult’s law, lever rule

F:    Deviations from RL; Azeotropes; Studio 8 analysis
Week 9Phase Equilibria: LLE and SLE
Chemical Reaction Equilibria
M: Textbook pages 511-515, 523-531
W: Textbook pages 563-568
F:  Textbook pages 579-580, 586
HW#7HW#7 SlnWeek 9

M: LLE (Prof. Mallette)

W: CW Phase diagram CW review

F: Chemical Reaction Equilibrium: Intro
Week 10Chemical Reaction EquilibriaM: Textbook pages 599-602
HW#8HW#8 SlnWeek 10

M: Chemical Reaction Equilibrium: K, extent, and fugacity

W: Chemical Reaction Equilibrium: K from thermochemical data

F:     Review and Final details

Homework assignments are to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date.


Old Exams

Old exams are avaiilable here for you to practice:

Exam 1 2016

Exam 1 from 2016 is available on the link above.  One point of note.  The emphasis on which content we are covering is quite different this year, so the exam emphasis will also change.

ChE 312 had 3 exams  in 2016 - so the timing was different relative to content. Both exams 2 and 3 are posted below.

          Exam 2 2016

Exam 3 2016


Lecture Handouts

Lecture handouts will be archived here in PDF format.


Course Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the role of Gibbs energy in determining pure species phase equilibrium. Apply the Clapeyron equation to relate T and P for a pure species in phase equilibrium.
  2. Apply thermodynamics to mixtures by defining and finding values for pure species properties, total solution properties, partial molar properties, and property changes of mixing. Apply the Gibbs-Duhem equation to relate partial molar properties.
  3. Find the fugacity and fugacity coefficient of pure gases and gases in mixtures using tables, equations of state, and general correlations.
  4. For liquids and solids, identify Lewis/Randall and Henry’s Law reference states for ideal solutions. Correct the reference states for pressure. Solve for non-ideality by determining activity coefficients through models for excess Gibbs energy, gE.
  5. Solve phase equilibria problems for Vapor-Liquid equilibria (VLE) , Liquid-Liquid equilibria (LLE), vapor - liquid - liquid equilibria (VLLE) and Solid-Liquid equilibria (SLE). Identify and solve problems for systems containing azeotropes (VLE) and partially miscible solutions (LLE).
  6. Use thermochemical data to determine the equilibrium composition for a chemical reaction. Calculate the equilibrium constant at different temperatures. Determine the equilibrium composition for a system with multiple chemical reactions.



Studio 1
Studio 1 Simulation

Studio 10
Sec Day/Time/Date Location Curr Instructor
1 MWF 1000-1050 LINC 210 133 Milo Koretsky
11 R 1300-1350 BEXL 102 24 Peter Ferrero
Nasser Al Atiqi
12 R 1300-1350 BEXL 103 23 Sean Seekins
Brandon Teed
13 R 1400-1450 BEXL 102 22 Peter Ferrero
Nasser Al Atiqi

14 R 1400-1450 BEXL 103 24 Sean Seekins
Ellis Hammond-Pereira
15 & 16 R 1500-1550 BEXL 103 24 Jad Touma
Ellis Hammond-Pereira
17 & 18 R 1600-1650 BEXL 103 16 Jad Touma
Ellis Hammond-Pereira