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School of Civil and Construction Engineering

Spring 2017 

CE 481/581 - Reinforced Concrete Design


Required Text: 1) ACI 318-14 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary, American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, MI

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Recommended References: Design of Concrete Structures, 15th Ed. Darwin, Dolan, and Nilson, McGraw-Hill

Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design, Wight, and MacGregor, Prentice Hall

Design of Reinforced Concrete: ACI318-14 Code Edition, McCormac and Brown Wiley



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Dr. Christopher Higgins, PE


Owen 348


(541) 737-8869


Office Hours

9:00 to 10:00 AM Tuesday and Thursday

Teaching Assistants

Mr. Ignace Nkurikiyimfura


Covell Hall 017 (it is in the basement)




Office Hours

HW Assignments On-Line (will appear with lecture date)

HW#1 in PDF (assigned 4/4/17)

HW#2 in PDF and Excel data (assigned 4/11/17)

HW#3 in PDF (assigned 4/20/17)

HW#4 in PDF (assigned 4/24/17) Design Handouts

HW#5 in PDF (assigned //17)

HW#6 in PDF (assigned //17)

HW#7 in PDF (assigned //17)

HW #8 in PDF (assigned //17)



Home Work Solutions On-Line (will appear after due date)

HW#1 Solution part1 and part2 in PDF (due 4/13/17)

HW#2 Solution in PDF (due 4/18/17)

HW#3 Solution in PDF (due //17)

HW#4 Solution in PDF (due //17)

HW#5 Solution in PDF (due //17)

HW#6 Solution in PDF (due //17)

HW#7 Solution in PDF (due //17)

HW#8 Solution PDF (due //17)


Video Examples


Load Combinations


Analysis of RC Beams1


Phi factors for flexure

d and dt

As min

Cover and Spacing Requirements

Min depth for deflection


Design of RC Beams

Design Example

Check of Design


T beams1

T beams2


Compression Steel




Development Length (FIX on Lightweight concrete factor) , Anchorage and Detailing


















Design Flow Chart for Singly Reinforced Beams


Design Flow Chart for Shear




FINAL EXAM Location: Kearney 312 Date: Tuesday, June 13 at 12 pm.





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