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School of Civil and Construction Engineering

Spring 2017 

CE 583 Bridge Design


Text: No required texts

1)    AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications



Midterm around mid-May

Design moment and shear envelope data will be here



Analysis and Design Spreadsheets

MCFT by Evan Bentz of University of Toronto

Moment-Curvature Analysis for AASHTO by C. Higgins Oregon State University



Software for moving load analysis

VIDEOS Start Here 1 __ How to 1 __ How to 2 and How to 3

Here is how to get it: 1) Make a folder on your z drive called Bridge

2) Right click on the file you want to download from this page

3) Click Save target as

4) Navigate to your folder Bridge on your Z drive (or local hard drive)

5) Click Save

6) Click Close in dialog window

7) Go to back to step 2 to get other files you want (need both the truck and locations files to run)

8) Edit the locs.dat file for the locations you want

9) Double click the executable to perform the analysis

Download: Single span (with end cantilevers)

Download: Truck input file for HL93 analysis (required)

Download: Truck13 input file for random truck analysis (optional)

Download: Location to compute force effects at interior beam locations (required)

Download the Headers Information for Output files (optional but this helps)



Christopher Higgins, PhD, PE


Owen 348


(541) 737-8869


Office Hours

T and Th 9:00 AM -10:00 AM or by appointment

Teaching Assistant








Office Hours


Handouts Homework Assignments and Other Things You May Need

Homework Bridge Drawings No 1 and No 2 please note that the cantilever spans are to be 8 ft and main span is to be 32 ft and not as show in scanned drawings

HW#2 and  Data from Woodburn Northbound May 2005 (Due 4/25/17)

HW#3 (Due 5/2/17)

HW#4 Due 

HW#5 Due May

Standard detail for curb and rail for HW #5 Deck Design


HW#6 Due May

HW#7 Due May

HW#8 Due with project at end of quarter





How to run moving analysis program and interpret output (Start Here 1 __ How to 1 __ How to 2 and How to 3)

Deck equivalent strips Part 1 and  Part 2

Span Lengths to use in distribution factor equations

Lever Rule

Moment Interior

Moment Exterior and Shear

Pile Cap Analogy

Example Problem PDF and Video Part 1

Example Problem Video Part 2

Example Problem Video Part 3

LINK to 3span analysis program to solve HW7 additional problem for moment in cap beam

(it uses same trucks13.dat input file and your Locs.dat file should look like this:








Click here for EXCEL SPREADSHEET WITH DESIGN VALUES (Use for your redesign)






Home Work Solutions On-Line (will appear after due date)

HW#1 Bridge Spotting and Report (due //17)

HW#2 Load Modeling from Oregon WIM data (due //17) Solution

HW#3 Analytical Influence Lines (due //17) Solution

HW#4 Quantitative Influence Lines (due //17) Solution

HW#5 Bridge Deck and Overhang Design (due //17) Solution

HW#6 DC and DW for Existing Bridge with DW DC calcs in Excel (due //17) Solution

HW#7 Bridge Girder Load Distribution Factors and Design Envelopes (due //17) Solution

 HW#8 Development length, effective flange width, moment check, and shear-moment check (due with project)

HW #9 Design Main girders for moment (due with project)

Final Report: Shear design, detailing, and design drawings for bridge redesign (due 6/15/17 by noon)



Midterm EXAM :


FINAL EXAM : Project is Final





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