ECE 111
(3 credits)
Introduction to ECE: Tools
Fall 2013

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Lecture Section 1:  Gilbert 224   TR   3:00 - 3:50 PM
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Matt Shuman 
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Office Hours in KEC 1115
   Wednesday 11:00 - 13:00
   Thursday 13:00 - 14:30
   other days/times by appointment
Prerequisites None

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    1. Apply basic engineering methodology to solve problems (ABET Outcomes: A, k, o)

    2. Design and implement a solution to a student-defined problem in the context of engineering design (ABET Outcomes: a, b, c, e, k, o, q)

    3. Explain the history of electrical and computer engineering, and other engineering majors, as it relates to the societal impacts of innovations and design choices (ABET Outcomes: d, f, H, I, j)

    4. Utilize a microcontroller to implement an engineering design (ABET Outcomes: a, c, e, K, m, o, q)

    5. Identify at least one company that hires engineers in the student's specific sub-discipline of interest (ABET Outcomes: f, h, j)

    6. Identify tools and techniques that will assist them to succeed better in their engineering education (ABET Outcomes: a, i, k, l)
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5 Lab Sections, 40% of grade
8 homework sets, 40% of grade
1 final report, 20% of grade

The final is a report that will be turned in by the scheduled final exam time, Tuesday (December 10th) at 1800.
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