• Personal Calorie Counter

    In these last two weeks our group has worked on completing different pasrts for our final project. We all met and looked over our final PCB design and all group members approved it. We then ordered it and are waiting for the boards to ship back. We've also met up to go over our parts list in detail and make sure that all parts that we ordered will work with our design.

  • OBD monitoring system

    We are continuing to work on our PCB to get it working. As of right now the ELM portion is not working. I believe it is due to the ELM chip itself being broken as I have checked the circuit multiple times and found nothing wrong. We have a new chip being shipped to switch out to hopefully fix the problem. The good news is that the ATmega1284 portion of the board is working fine and programming properly.

  • Communicating POV Bicycle Display

    Continued efforts into creating a working printed circuit board have finally paid off, and a functioning board is up and running. Finalizing code to stabilize the image is in the works, as well as the code for converting an image to the bicycle wheel format. A second board is in the works currently, which will allow the two devices to talk to one another.

  • Wearable Sleep Monitor

    As for the project update for this week we have been still working on finding ways for our project to meet and pass the the requirements. we have been looking for cheaper parts to use instead to make the project cost requirement. and we have been asking friends to give us feedback to meet the 9 out of 10 easiness requirement.

  • Polk County Dynamic Sign

    This week we have worked towards fixing a variety of small problems in preparation for testing the battery life. This involves making sure the screen backlight turns off appropriately and the lights on the top of the enclosure turn on and off appropriately. Once we have these things working we can do the battery test.

  • Smart Home

    We ordered a wireless adapter for the central hub and have connected it to the internet in order to be able to run the system with the central hub as a standalone piece. So far the User interface and central hub are verified to work. All that's left is to connect end devices to ensure they work with the new code.

Partner Programs

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Collaboratory program offers students to opportunity to experience real, dynamic project work before senior design.

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