• AngelBot: High-speed Target Tracking Robotic Gantry System

    We've refactored and tuned our tracking mode source code to allow a variable constraint to the system with respect to its tracking sensor (radial encoder). This allows the gantry to track even more tightly while the target is in flight. The sensitivy is such that the tracking system responds very... robotically... as it should.

  • Wireless Security System

    The group is beginning to put the final touches on the design and also beginning creating the things needed for the Expo. This includes creating the poster board and the contact cards. During this the group is also going to tape the video presentation and turn that in before the check off date.

  • High Speed MLCC Device Detection

    We are now in the last term of the project, with final revisions of hardware and code getting ready. Soon we are going to switch gears and start getting ready for presentations and ensuring everything is properly documented. It's been a great project so far and our team is looking forward to finishin up strong!

  • Communicating POV Bicycle Display

    Our project is still in debug mode at the present moment. We have a project that functions as desired on a breadboard yet is not making the conversion to printed circuit board correctly. Troubleshooting will continue over this week and another printed circuit board will be produced for farther testing.

  • Wearable Sleep Monitor

    Last week, we discussed about designing PCB. Since our final project was easy to wear, we feel it is not necessary to order PCB. Also, we worked on light sensor to print out the light intensity with Lux unit, but we are still trying to fix it. This week we will meet with Don and see what else we can improve.

  • AngelBot: High-speed Target Tracking Robotic Gantry System

    Our team has now successfully met our target tracking requirement and documented it. Currently, we also have some parts of the localization feature working on the robot, however more fine tuning should still be used in order to achieve precise position tracking. Also, an integrated PCB for I/O functions with the microcontroller is now mostly designed and ready to be fabricated for the product.

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