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    Requested Group Size: (2, 3 or 4)
    Majors Required: Computer Science - Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Knowledge that students will need to have or acquire to do this project:

    Describe your project idea here. Use as much text as you'd like, but the more succinct the better. This will be turned into a web page for the class to look at, so feel free to embed HTML tags, links, and image references in your description.

    Project motivation / background: (where did this idea/need come from?)

    Project objectives: (what do you hope your team accomplishes?)

    Project description: (any other information about what is to be accomplished and your vision about how that will happen)

    Project deliverable: (what do you expect to be handed to you in June?)

    Other comments to help make your project more understandable: (other information the students should know, e.g., references, web links)