Welcome to ECE 111

ECE 111 is an introduction to tools available at OSU and EECS. Two questions will be answered during this course.

First: Is ECE interesting and the correct choice for you?
This class will also give students enough exposure to ECE that they will know what they will be learning during their education at OSU and what opportunities will be available to them once they finish their degree at OSU. The projects produced by engineers have a large impact on the people, economy, and environment of the world, and this class shows the explores the possibilities that the ECE program provides.

Second: Are you willing to work hard and learn the new skills necessary to become an ECE graduate?
This course will introduce software programming (Python), embedded firmware programming (mbed ARM programming), and hardware prototyping (soldering and much more). Learning these skills in ECE 111 will be representative of the work required to succeed in ECE.

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Lecture - Resources, Speakers, and Extracurricular Activities

The lecture will introduce you to resources available on campus. These include computer labs, servers, and common applicaitons. Guest speakers from OSU and from ECE based companies will give an insight into field of ECE. This is a general introduction to ECE. Extracurricular activities, like on campus clubs or internships are a good way to enrich your time at OSU. There are clubs for everything on campus, and internships are a good way to gain insight about industry.

Lab - Software, Firmware, and Hardware

Many large universities do not have hands on labs the first year, because it is so much work to organize kits, TAs, and students. At OSU the ECE 111 lab gives students an immediate opportunity to use software on a laptop to communicate with firmware on a microcontroller to control a hardware circuit that rotates a solar panel to the angle with the most light. It's a useful lab that gives students exposure to the software, firmware, and hardware aspects of ECE. This lab provides students an opportunity to explore the interconnection of software, firmware, and hardware.
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