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Class Description

Data is everywhere. Unfortunately, data is useless unless it can be converted into information. Information Visualization seeks to use visualization and interaction techniques to help people analyze and understand sources of data. What distinguishes Information Visualization from Scientific Visualization is that these sources of data are often abstract and have no 2D or 3D spatial representation. Consider data sources such as the words in a collection of text documents or website visitor data. Information Visualization also has much in common with Human Computer Interaction because it covers not only static methods for presenting data, but techniques for helping users interact with and explore the data.

In this class, we will:

  • Study the principles of information visualization
  • Design informatin visualizations using established frameworks and processes
  • Evaulate visualizations
  • Study standard techniques for representing, presenting, and interacting with data
  • Build visualizations using a modern javascript API (D3.js)