CS 352, Winter 2017, Dr. Burnett
HW #2: IRB Certification for Ethical Treatment of Human Subjects

Due date: See class schedule page
Note: This is an individual assignment, not a team assignment

Take and pass the IRB tutorial (Ethical Use of Humans in Research) at the CITI site, which is linked from the IRB ethics training page below. It's a simple tutorial with small quizzes at the end of each chapter. After you have passed the test, click on something suitable to get your certificate and save the certificate as a pdf file. If unable to do so that way, you can provide a pdf-ized screen-shot of the page showing that you passed certificate. Turn in the pdf file using Canvas. (You don't need to bring a hardcopy of this one.)

If you previously passed some other IRB training course about ethical treatment of human subjects, it's fine for you to turn in an electronic copy of that one instead.

How to turn it in:
Submit the certificate you received or a screenshot showing proof of passing it (.png, .jpg, .pdf file) to Canvas.

Grading criteria:

If you submit the certification, you get full credit. Otherwise no credit.

If you have trouble navigating to the right place, see the figures below (from the most recent time I went to their site, Jan. 2017).