CS 352, Winter 2017, Dr. Burnett
HW #3: Scheduling the Intel Design Jam

Due date: See class schedule page
Note: This is an individual assignment, not a team assignment

Hannah Colett from Intel is visiting CS352 to conduct a 2-hour "Design Jam". You'll be working in your teams on user-oriented designs relevant to their emerging In-Vehicle Experience systems. To do this, we need to know if there is a 2-hour slot that will actually work.

Your assignment: fill out the doodle poll that will allow us to schedule this. Please use "if-need-be", which is also spelled "(yes)" for times you don't love but _could_ make happen if absolutely necessary.

Grading criteria:

If you fill out the doodle poll by this Sunday at midnight (Feb. 5), you get full credit. Otherwise no credit.