I'm not entirely sure what shuffleboard is. So really, I'm not at all qualified to compare this robotic version of the sport to the real thing. But it's nifty that a bunch of students at Oregon State University got a chance to build these robots as part of their coursework, proving that robots can be for learning and fun and evil, all at the same time! Not that I'm insinuating anything about shuffleboard, but I digress. Here's video of a match:

Not bad for eight weeks and 200 hours of work, right? Now someone just needs to invent robotic curling. There's an action-packed sport that's somehow different from and significantly better than shuffleboard. Oh wait, apparently someone did:

I know nothing about this, besides that I found it on YouTube after searching for "robotic curling," but it does sort of look like it might possibly be autonomous, which would be pretty cool. There's video of another match here. If you know anything about it (it's something to do with an "SMU championship"), speak up in the comments!

Photo: Jesse Skoubo/Corvallis Gazette-Times

Via [ Corvallis Gazette-Times ]