Robots battle for shuffleboard supremacy

Robots battle for shuffleboard supremacy
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EUGENE, Ore. - Thirteen robots battled it out Monday in a shuffleboard tournament at Oregon State University.

Behind each of the bots was a team of brainy engineers.

The tournament was the culmination of a term of planning and building for undergraduate and graduate engineers. The students said programming a machine to play a game was no easy task.

"We're all mechanical engineering, so programming to us is literally learning to speak another language," said student Jacob Groseclos. "Putting all this time in has been intense, and it all comes down to this? It all comes down to four pucks and one score.

"Our robot is pretty consistent at aiming down the middle and and pretty consistent at hitting the other group's pucks, so we are just working out some bugs right now," he said. "How much blood sweat and tears went into this thing? Too much."

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