Welcome to ENGR 201

ENGR 201 is an introduction to the fundamentals of electricity. This course focuses on electrical current, voltage, power, energy, KVL, KCL, mesh analysis, nodal analysis, superposition, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, RC and RL circuits, and Operational Amplifiers.

Lecture - Textbook review, examples, and active learning

The lecture will review the concepts discussed in the reading assignment, give students an opportunity to work in groups to solve problems, and get immediate assistance from the instructor if clarification is needed. Students should read the relevant reading assignments from the textbook before the content is presented in lecture.

Recitation - Review, quiz, and collaborate

The recitation is a required review session each week. Often students are over confident and surprised by the first midterm during week 4 of the term. The recitation gives students an opportunity to gain a functional mastery of the material by taking weekly quizes and working with TAs and classmates to learn the course material.


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