School of Civil and Construction Engineering

Spring 2020 

CE 583 Bridge Design


Text input files required for computer analysis of moving loads (Canvas doesn’t support downloading text files, so this is the work around)

Here is how to get it: 1) Make a folder on your local hard drive

2) Right click on the file you want to download from this page (put cursor over the BLUE HYPERLINKS at bottom of this page)

3) Click Save link as

4) Navigate to your folder on your hard drive

5) Click Save

6) It will download to the location you picked

7) Go to back to step 2 to get other files you want (need both the truck and locations files to run)

8) Edit the locs.dat file using wordpad for the locations you want

9) Double click the executable (downloaded from Canvas) to perform the analysis

10) Use the header excel file to organize the results for the number of points you used

Download: HL93Trucks.dat input file for HL93 analysis (required)

Download: locs.dat Locations input file to compute force effects at interior beam locations (required)