CS 565: Spring 2019 HW #1

CS 565, Spring 2019, Dr. Burnett
HW #1: Design principles

Due: see main class web page
2-person group assignment

Your partner for this assignment will be assigned in Monday's class. If you aren't in class on Monday, you'll be assigned a partner on Wednesday.

Your goal is to apply the design principles of visibility, feedback, constraints, consistency, affordance from Rogers Section 1.6.3 to an existing piece of software.

Hand-in instructions: One person from each group will submit a .docx, .doc, or .pdf file to TEACH. The assignment must have each group member's name.

Tentative Grading Policy (Graded by TA):
Here are the things considered while grading:
1) The assignment requires examples for all the 5 design principles for full credit.
2) Graded on a total of 20 marks, with 10 for providing examples of how the software's UI supports these 5 principles and 10 for how the software violates the same.
3) It is necessary for you to provide a concrete example of how the software violates and supports the principle to get full credit. If the example doesn't clearly explain the violation of the design principle or if it does not explain how the software supports the design principle no credit is allotted.
4) At least 2 points will be deducted if no screenshots of the tool/application are provided. Could be a lot more if the omission makes everything unclear.
5) Consistency should refer to internal consistency. If an answer gives references to both internal and external consistency, full credit will be given. If only external is discussed, no credit will be given.
6) Lack of concreteness and specific examples will result in no credit given for the section.
7) Check your spelling. If the answer cannot be understood because of typographical or grammatical errors, no credit will be given.

Date of last update: March 14, 2019