ECE 580
Network Theory
Fall 2017
Lectures: MWF 10:00 - 11:10am
Room: Cordley 2113
Instructor: Gabor C. Temes, Professor
3091 Kelley Engineering Ctr.
Office Hour: MW 14:00 - 15:00 pm
TA: Hui Zhang- zhangh2@oregonstate.edu
Bohui Xiao- xiaob@oregonstate.edu
Office Hour: Hui Zhang: Tuesday 2:00 - 3:30 pm [Kelley Atrium]
Bohui Xiao: Wednesday 4:00 - 5:30 pm [Kelley Atrium]
Website: http://classes.engr.oregonstate.edu/eecs/fall2017/ece580/
Prerequisite: Graduate standing in ECE
Text: Lecture notes will be posted on the web. Parts of the following books will be used:
  • Electrical Network Theory, N. Balabanian and T. Bickart, Krieger Publishing Co., 1983: Chapters 1-3 & 8
  • Introduction to Circuit Synthesis and Design, G. Temes and J. Lapatra, McGraw-Hill, 1977: Chapters 7-9 & 12
  • Electrical Networks, J. Choma, Krieger Publishing Co., 1991: Chpaters III & IX

(Note: It is not necessary to acquire these books. Most are out of print. Lecture notes will be sent to cover the material.)

Material to be covered ( if time permits):
  • Network classification: linear/nonlinear, time-varying/invariant, active/passive, lossy/lossless, reciprocal/nonreciprocal, lumped/distributed, dynamic/memoryless, sampled-data/continuous-time networks.
  • Networks components: R, L, C elements; ideal/perfect/real transformers; op-amps; gyrators; independent/dependent sources.
  • Network analysis: the incidence matrix; branch relations; nodal analysis; two-port parameter; multiport networks; multiport parameters; scattering relations and parameters; transfer functions; sensitivity analysis.
  • Network synthesis: approximation theory for continuous-time and sampled-data filters; the design of passive, active R-C, Gm-C and switched-capacitor filters.
MIDTERM EXAMINATION: Monday, Oct. 30, 10 - 11:10 am.
FINAL EXAMINATION: Tuesday, Dec. 5, 9.30am - 11:20 am
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