Exam Information:

There will be a mid-term examination and a final examination. The timetable is below. The date and times of final examinations are determined by this table.

Mid-TermThursday 10/25/18 10:0080 Minutes STAG 211
Final ExamThursday 12/06/18 09:3080 Minutes STAG 211

Exam Preparation:

The below questions can be used as preparation for the midterm and final examinations. These problems are meant to give you an idea of what type of question to expect during the exam, and should not be used in isolation to prepare. You should use your notes and homeworks / solutions to adequately prepare for examinations.

Solutions are available at the same time the problems are set, but I strongly suggest you attempt the problems before looking at the solutions.

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The course will be assessed as follows:

Assessment Percentage of Final Grade
Homework 40
Mid-Term Exam 30
Final Exam 30